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Once Upon A Midnight Dreary....

Many A Quaint and Curious Ramblings... and Nothing More

I love and I am loved in return.... that's all I ever wanted.

I pride myself in being "me". I am unique and creative and really don't care what people say about my particular style. I'd say I have been this way since I was a small child. I have never really conformed to trends and I usually go with what feels right. If you were to put me in a category, well, then I would be considered Goth (Romanti-goth specifically).

I am a Mortician (Lic. Funeral Director & Embalmer) I love my job because I am helping people (alive and dead). It takes a special person to do what I do and I am proud of what I do. However, I Do NOT think "death is beautiful". The most fulfilling part of my job is when a family walks away from here feeling that they can move on and grieve properly because of me and what I do.

I love to cook and bake (Yes, there is a difference). I often do "experimental" cooking (eg. trying new recipes, making a traditional dish Veg/Vegan, trying different spices). I love to go out to different restaurants to try new cuisine and figure out how I can make it at home or improve it. I am a Vegetarian, or more specifically a Pescatarian because I eat fish and seafood. I do it for health issues and not for political issues... I wear leather and rabbit fur.

I am also interested in Photography, Science, Psychology, Forensics, Theology, etc. I enjoy a wide range of music but my main roots are in the Gothic aesthetic. I am a fan of horror movies of ALL types, suspense thrillers and sci-fi/fantasy. I participate in Victorian Ball Room dancing through Gaskell's, PEERS & Friday Night Waltz. I also enjoy basic swing dancing. Like any old fashioned girl... I enjoy old fashioned fun such as laughter, bowling, roller skating, pool, miniature golf, roller coasters, camping and hiking, nature walks. To me it does not matter what I am doing, when I am with friends, I am having a good time.

In my journal you can expect many things. I hope that some things entertain you while others perhaps spark an idea. There will be things that make you laugh or roll your eyes. There most definitely be things that will disturb you or make you laugh hysterically because you are morbid and deranged like me! I hope you enjoy my writings.
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