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Well, my attempt to get my taxes done today was a bust. I need to get a new 1099 from my ex-employer stating the correct amount paid to me and what was paid to the lawyer (since they cut them a cheque separately).

Other things that didn't go as planned. I cannot write off my medical expenses because I fall just short of the required amount calculated based on my income. I am requesting a statement from my chiropractor showing how much I paid him because I may have forgotten one or two payments in my paperwork. If I would have waited until January 1st 2009 to pay my medical insurance for January instead of December 30th 2008 I would have been within the range. Poo!

At the time of my appointment I couldn't claim my moving expenses because I fell short .7 miles of the 50 mile minimum. However, when I drew up the Google Map again and put the route I actually drove (280 instead of 101) I got 50.5 miles. Squee! I just need to talk to the accountant about what expenses are deductible for that.

I forgot to ask her about my state licenses but I am sure I can write those off too. I can also write off the $246.00 I had to pay to the DMV for my car renewal.

All in all. I have a W-2 and two 1099s to file as well as a few deductions. This is why I am not doing my taxes this year. It is all a big headache.